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Military history trail


The war history area of Öykkösenvaara is located about five kilometres from Möhkö, in the direction of the eastern border.

The Öykkösenvaara military history trail displays a part of the defence line from the Continuation War era, originally spanning four kilometres. Near the road, there are artillery and machine-gun stations carved into the bedrock; an infantry station, including protective dugouts; and a rare barrier against tanks, constructed from logs tied together horizontally and piled-up stones. These stations played a key part in the battles waged in Ilomantsi in the summer of 1944. The National Board of Antiquities has categorised this area as a first-priority military history site. In addition to the guided route, Öykkösenvaara features a memorial cannon, an exhibition and a rest area.

The military history trail is part of the ERDF project Recording and Productising Military History in Ilomantsi, managed by the municipality of Ilomantsi and funded by the Regional Council of North Karelia.


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