Ambari was built in 1849. The steep ridge roof was earlier covered with shingles. The bell hanging on the southern wall was rung to mark the beginning and end of the work time.
The shop of the ironworks was located in the southern end of the building. The other premises were storerooms, i.e. ambaris. Pegs in the ceiling of the shop served for hanging of products. The original bricked fireplace has remained in the building.

After the end of the ironworks activities, Ambari hosted a shop of Enso-Gutzeit Oy. The building was extended with a store wing behind the shop. In the wall between the shop and the storeroom there was a peephole through which the shopkeeper could keep an eye on customers. A driveway bridge led to the store winf for loading of products through the door. The wing was demolished in the 1950´s- 1960´s.

The permanent exhibition Foreste Möhkö is located in the Ambari.


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