There was a wide garden of 1,5 hectares between Pytinki and the old canal. A birch alley starting from the corner of Pytinki to the direction of the canal was planted during the management of ironworks manager C.J.Hallberg (1868-88). The last of the birch trees was cut down in the 1970´s. In the 1960´s the tree was the thickest birch in Finland.

Martta Saloheimo, wife of the factory manager, was a keen gardener and brough many new plants to Möhkö.

Children liked to play in the park of Pytinki. A toy house named Päivärinne was built for children close to the corner of Pytinki.

Lemmenpolku-path is an approximately 1 kilometer long path from Pytinki along the river bank to the Lotinankoski rapids. Along the path traveller can see the biggest heap of slag formed in Pietarsaari, the Lotinankoski bridge and rapids, the Arboretum of Möhkö and the old and new canal with the sluice gates.

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